Why Strength Training is so Important for Athletes?

Strength training is an integral part of an athlete’s training regimen and it has
gained a huge popularity over the past several decades. Nearly every athlete,
sport-person, champion or performer lifts weights in some way or other. Be it in
any shape or form, they somehow lift weight to increase the core strength of the
body. It is embraced by the athletic all around the world and its importance can
be realized by the fact that every good-performing team in a professional sport
has their dedicated weight-training coach for the star-performers. So, why
strength training is so important for athletes? What exactly does strength
training do? Why an athlete should practice regular weight training? Lets dig
deeper and know more about the Strength Training and its benefits.

It Reduces the Possibilities of Injury
When it come to sports, be any kind of sport, Injuries are inevitable. The
continuous effect of the regular and effective pounding on the human body
eventually takes its toll. However, a dedicated, well-planned and well-guided
strength training program results in the muscle conditions that are more
resilient to the stresses in athletic activities and helps the athletes to avoid any
possible sport injury. Physio2Fitness offers the best strength training program in
Vadodara suitable for all kind of sports like cricket, football, golf, lawn tennis,
swimming, etc.

It Improves Overall Flexibility
Strength Training focuses on the movement paths, which are dedicated to the
complete biomechanical functions like perfect concentric and eccentric

This will have an enhancing effect on the mobility of that particular
area of the body and also improve its flexibility. A flexible body is a plus-point for
any athlete in any sport.

It Enhances the Resting Metabolism
Resting Metabolism plays an important role for a regular and proper growth of
the body. We all know how active are the muscle tissues and that while the body
is resting, every pound of new muscle burns nearly 30-40 calories a day for its
maintenance. Therefore, enhancing the resting metabolism is always beneficial
for your overall growth. It makes the body more efficient calorie-burning
machine and also plays a remarkable role in keeping body fat in check.

It Increases the Bone Mineral Density
When the stress is administered on the body correctly, in a proper way, it is a
good stress. This can be done with the help of Strength training. We, at
Physio2Fitness, understand well the benefits of Strength training on muscle and
connective tissue and help this knowledge to help our clients attain their fitness
goal with ease. Result oriented and Progressive resistance training enhances the
protein and mineral content in the bone improving the bone density

It Helps in Improving the Glucose Metabolism
Poor glucose metabolism is associated with diabetes and other such disorders.
With the help of well-programmed and dedicated Strength training, one can
effectively improve the glucose metabolism. This improves the overall health and
body fitness.

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