Neck Pain

An unstable foot can give an unstable neck. If you do not have strong foot stability from ground, it will cause stresses and strains all the way up to the neck and forehead.
An injury like whiplash can cause instability and weakness in certain group of muscles and increase tone in some other group of muscles causing stiffness and chronic pain. So, after an acute injury or an acute episode of neck pain or repetitive stress injuries (RSI) due to occupational stresses have to be individually treated by finding instability, weakness, tightness, a pinched nerve, a released TMJ or lymph nodes around.
Stiff neck can cause vertigo like symptoms, cervical migraine kind of headache, weakness of the shoulder, elbow, weakness and even nervous symptoms in your arm.

Exercise is the best medicine you can give to your body. Due to the busy lifestyle and over exertion, more and more people are complaining with the neck pain. They are being referred by doctors to the physical therapists, personal trainers and fitness specialists for treatment in alleviating symptoms. The reason is because it works.

The structure of neck is one of the most complex structures in the human body. It consists of a series of seven vertebral segments from the base of the skull to the thoracic spine or the upper back. Temperomandibular joint, skull and neck joint, SCM joint also cause neck pain. This is a complex structure and is vulnerable to many forces that can be imposed on it while some sports activities or day-to-day activities. Hence, the cervical spine is at risk for developing a number of painful conditions.

Stretching & flexibility exercises can help in great way in recovering from the neck pain. They can expand or preserve the range of motion and elasticity in the affected cervical part of the neck. Neck stretching should be done regularly with some of the exercises that can be done several times a day.

There are many neck specific strengthening exercises that can help maintain improved posture. This lessens or eliminates recurrent flare-ups of pain. Some exercises are so designed that they can be performed with certain break in between. This break is very important as it helps the core muscles to relax and develop.

Dr. Drashti Shah treats the neck pain with any of the following treatments or their combinations depending on the assessment:
Cyriax & Maitland
Mulligan Technique
MET – Muscle Energy Technique
MFR – Myofascial Release
Trigger Point
Structural Integration
Primal Movement Chains
People these days have an access to all kind of information and DIY techniques available on web for treating the pain & stiffness in the joints on their own. However, practicing such methods without proper guidance can significantly expose you to the greater risk of injuries. Hence, it is very important to get a well-structured physiotherapy from an experienced and reliable physiotherapist. Dr. Drashti Shah offers a well organized & result oriented physiotherapy treatment in India.