TRX & Bodhi Suspension


Whether beginning a fitness journey or pushing the limits beyond imagination, TRX Training is made for everyone and offers a comprehensive platform move workout better, feel better and live better. It is proved that Suspension Training provides muscular and cardiovascular benefits leaving the tremendous impact on an individual’s overall health and fitness. We, at Physio2Fitness, keep working to create the fitness simpler and more effective for our clients. TRX offers a fantastic and dynamic method of exercise that allows anyone to reach his/her desired goal, be it weight loss, improved muscle tone or overall fitness.

Bodhi Suspension

Bodhi Suspension System is all about a Balanced Body. It offers four potential points of suspension that focuses on core strength and balanced body. It maximizes the stability training and proprioception while offering many options for creativity & workout. Taking the body right out of the alignment with the gravity fires the core stability muscles and develops an integrated, whole-body function and flexibility along with increasing the core strength of the body. Working regular on Bodhi Suspension System also enhances the endurance level and over-all performance of the body.


These training programs offer a comprehensive workout & exercises to every single muscle in the body. Moreover, anyone from any age group can practice this and enjoy its rewards. From an Olympic athlete to someone just venturing into a new hobby of fitness, any one can achieve his/her desired goals with these suspension-workout programs.

Improves cardio and strength

These workout patterns will not only improve the muscle strength, but also enhances the cardiovascular endurance. By changing the speed one can easily increase or decrease the intensity of the workout. This way, a good workout is of offered to the heart and lungs as well making healthier and efficient.

Limitless Goals

Because of the versatility of these suspension training, any goal can be achieved by anyone who is dedicated enough to workout. Gaining a muscular strength, losing those extra pounds or even preparing for some marathon, whatever the goal may be, regular & guided suspension training makes it possible to achieve them.