Accidental Injuries

Accidental injuries if not treated well can result into unbearable pain and even permanent disorders. We, at Physio2Fitness, give physiotherapy treatment for accidental injuries involving soft tissue injuries, fracture cases. We take special care for the reduction of pain and inflammation, Range of motions, strength training and increasing the over-all strength & endurance.
Our goal is to restore the functional abilities in our patients needed for their day-to-day activities, work, sports, etc. Initially, we emphasize on pain reduction methodologies and optimizing healing of injured tissues as soon as possible. We offer active/functional exercise to all our clients to promote a reliable mobility and progressive participation in the treatment.
Our well-qualified physiotherapists are experienced in providing hands on treatment, giving pain relief, joint mobilization, proper alignment and soft tissue releases. Whatever injuries our clients come with, we can help them recover from it. Right from our initial assessment to the final workouts and sessions, we work together with our patients throughout their recovery journey. We educate and guide them about their condition & its recovery as much as we can, ensuring that they, at every level of journey, are fully aware of your own rehabilitation options and time scale.

Accidental Injuries Treatments

Soft Tissue Injuries
Soft tissue injuries can cause severe damage to the body’s muscles, ligaments, and tendons. These are the most common type of injuries experienced during car accidents. Whiplash is a condition in which muscles and ligaments of the neck and upper back are stretched due to sudden movement of the area during a collision.

Our physiotherapy treatments are designed to help our patients to overcome from their injuries as soon as possible. We offer custom exercises, latest mobilisation techniques and Outcome measures to assess the progress. We improve the Range of Motion, Lubrication, Stability, Mobility & Strength of the Joint as soon as possible.

Dr. Drashti Shah treats the accidental injuries with any of the following treatments or their combinations depending on the assessment:
Cyriax & Maitland
Mulligan Technique
MET – Muscle Energy Technique
MFR – Myofascial Release
Trigger Point
Structural Integration
Primal Movement Chains
People these days have an access to all kind of information and DIY techniques available on web for treating the pain & stiffness in the joints on their own. However, practicing such methods without proper guidance can significantly expose you to the greater risk of injuries. Hence, it is very important to get a well-structured physiotherapy from an experienced and reliable physiotherapist. Dr. Drashti Shah offers a well organized & result oriented physiotherapy treatment in India.

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