Myofascial Release

We use the Myofascial Release technique in relation to the area, cause and pattern of pain. A well-experienced application of the technique is very important as the hand placement and depth and pressure can work either as a miracle or increase the pain. With the help of this technique, we are able to reduce any level of pain in joints & muscles.
It is basically a manual technique for stretching the fascia located between the skin and the underlying structure of muscle and bone. Normal or sever injuries, trauma, stress and poor posture can cause restriction to fascia tissues. The goal of this Treatment is to release fascia restriction restoring its tissue and balancing the body.

Increased Tissue Elasticity
Myofascial Release Technique increases the elasticity of the tissues. Fascia tissue is an important connective tissue that can be damaged or scarred due to overuse injury, trauma, inflammation or even the lack of movement. Myofascial release helps to a great extent in recovering from the damages caused. Increased tissue elasticity allows more flexible and stress-free movement with fascia tissue and prevents restrictions from occurring.

Increased Temperature
It is where superficial and deep tissues are increased in temperature that helps muscles to relax and loosen. Along with the elasticity of the tissues, Myofascial Release Technique increases the temperature of fascia as well which can be used for the benefit of the muscles and the tissues. An increase in temperature allows the muscular tissues across the body to increase in elasticity and flexibility.

Myofascial Release Treatment helps in reducing the pain. Myofascial pain can be unbearable causing considerable discomfort and can be caused by myofascial trigger points that are the hyperirritable points located in soft tissues. The treatment also loosens restrictions and improves blood circulation across the body. It also decreases the tension in the fascia tissue, which again is good for a comfortable and healthy working of the body.

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