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Registered Physiotherapist

Apart from Digestive system, the utmost importance of musculoskeletal system has been proved by the Researches in Movement Therapy & Functional Medicine. Let us change how we look at our health and how easily we can change it by accessing musculoskeletal system along with the digestive system.

Registered Physiotherapist

I aim to build a bridge between Rehab Exercises and Peak fitness. From a person’s injury to peak performance, there exist a huge gap of treatments, which I aim to fill & build a system for a smoother Rehab to the best of person’s fitness at any point of time.

Registered Physiotherapist

Musculoskeletal Health has always been ignored, as it is not life threatening but musculoskeletal disorders can cause havoc in other systems of the body and in person’s overall health.

Registered Physiotherapist

About Dr. Drashti Shah

Dr. Drashti Shah is a Registered Physiotherapist having an extra-ordinary experience from USA, Canada and India. After completing her studies from the renowned Maharaja Sayajirao University, SSG Hospital in 1997, Dr. Shah worked with the well known Dr. Merchant and Yogini Devi Trust Hospital gaining a detailed and thorough knowledge about the physiotherapy and human fitness.

Volunteered in St. Joseph Hospital, Chicago, United States of America, Dr. Drashti Shah, migrated to Canada and fulfilled all the essential requirements above Canadian Graduates. She has worked in Willowdale physiotherapy center in Toronto for a while and later worked in a 488-bedded reputed Mackenzie District Rehab Centre. After returning to India, She worked as a head of physiotherapist in Sterling Wellness Center. She also gave limitless anatomy lessons to the trainers and helped them achieve a deeper understanding of physiotherapy and fitness. She is now a registered physiotherapist in USA, Canada and India. Starting from the scratch with just 500 Sq. Feet clinic, Dr. Shah has now grown her workplace to a magnificent 2500 Sq. Feet arena where in, many lives have been transformed and enlightened with better health & fitness. She opened her first clinic in 2009, second in 2012 and a new & modern studio in 2015, which is a world-class & combined physiotherapy & fitness center.

Currently, Dr. Drashti Shah is engaged in providing the best in class physiotherapy to her clients from not only Vadodara but all over India and even to foreign clients. Serving more than thousands of patients with various musculoskeletal injuries and neurological problems, Dr. Drashti Shah not only rehabilitated them to their pre-injury status but even better than that. Her work has helped many sports and defense personnel to reach to their peak performance. Dr. Shah has studied regarding Occurrence of Osteoporosis in Women; Falls risk assessment in Geriatrics, Metabolic syndromes and Child nutrition. She is also certified in Food and Nutrition, Naturopathy and Yoga. Her knowledge and dedication fetched her an opportunity to be an only physiotherapist to work along with the famous PT Usha to select children for Junior Olympics.
Helping People Achieve Their Health & Fitness Goals.
Dr. Drashti Shah is a dedicated and determined physiotherapist with the holistic & modern approach of treatments to treat her patients and fitness enthusiasts. She is open to all kind of challenges and strives to work hard and best in order to help her clients achieve all their fitness and health goals.