Functional Training

Physio2Fitness offers the best functional training for sports person and celebrities who are always occupied with their work and want to get the most out of their physical training. Functional training basically shares its roots with rehabilitation and it’s a dynamic approach often recommended by doctors & therapists to retrain patients with their day-to-day movement disorders. This is done by working out the exercises that mimic the same movement patterns of what patients usually practice and do at home or at work on a regular basis. This way, they can return to their everyday routine soon after the surgery or injury.
These types of exercises mimic real life movements and help prevent any possible injuries. When practiced regularly under professional supervision, it can benefit a lot to the body. It increases the flexibility and the balance of the body. Our functional training at Physio2Fitness aims to help our clients to recover from their injuries as soon as possible and to retain all their regular activities safely and efficiently and in a better way than ever before. It involves a series of exercises targeted at core muscles of the body and by working on these muscles; we make it possible for our clients perform activities of daily life more easily and efficiently. We aim to offer the best functional training in Vadodara and in India.

The Ease of Day-to-Day Routine

  • Improving the overall function of the body enhances the muscle strength and increases its over-all endurance. It also develops the muscle-body stability for everyday activities.

Greater Muscle Memory

  • The more our body performs and practices any particular exercise or movement, the faster and more responsive our body & muscles can repeat those movements. This effectively enhances our brain’s memory as well.

Low Impact

  • Functional training exercises are low impact and proved to be a great starting point for anyone at any fitness level to try. It helps everyone from the beginner to the professional to improve all their physical abilities without causing any level of stress to their body and joints.

Flexibility & Coordination

  • Functional Training offers resistance to our body. Implementing its exercises & workouts increases our body’s functional strength by enhancing overall flexibility and coordination. The more one practices these exercises, the more it gets easier for him/her to do day-to-day routine work with greater efficiency.

Balance & Posture

  • The exercises & workouts carried out through functional training utilize multiple muscles to enhance the core strength and the balance of the body, effectively improving the overall posture. Such exercises reduce the stress on the body and enhance the mobility.

Reduces Risk of Injury

  • Functional fitness helps in overcoming the chronic back pain, muscular pain, joint pain and it’s able to reduce the risk of injury too. By mimicking everyday life movement patterns, our body is more likely able to cope with regular and daily stresses. This way, our body is prepared and trained for the regular wear and tear, stress and stays away from the possible injuries.