Lymphatic Drainage

There is 15 litres of lymph in our body and 3 litres should be replenished everyday. Lymph, lymphatic channels and lymph nodes have to be at its best for the:-

Recovery of muscles
Irritable bowel syndrome
Varicose veins
Proper heart and lung function
It is 1 hour and 30 mins of hands on session with certain exercises to do Lymphatic drainage.

There is 15 liters of lymph fluid in our body and it is the extra cellular environment which can cause unexplained pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, limited mobility of a joint, reduced efficiency of the immune system, irritable bowel syndrome, other digestive problems like constipation and cramps.

There are certain strokes to track in the lymph and improve the circulation and I cover up all the lymph nodes of the body and remove the toxins, improve nutrition, improve oxygenation and hydration of the tissues.

We have had patients with severe cramps, unexplained swelling in the legs, severe digestive problems, chronic tennis elbow and golfers elbow and chronic pain behind the knee which we have treated only with lymph drainage and found 100% result.

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