Dr. Drashti Shah
Dr. Drashti Shah is a Registered Physiotherapist having an extra-ordinary experience from USA, Canada and India. She founded Physio2Fitness, a world-class Physiotherapy Studio in Vadodara to provide the best in class physiotherapies to her clients from all over the globe.
Serving more than thousands of patients with various musculoskeletal injuries and neurological problems, Dr. Drashti Shah rehabilitated them to their pre-injury status. Her work has helped many sports and defense personnel to reach to their peak performance.

Certified Structural Integrator
“Anatomy Trains” Training With Tom Myers
The Treatment of Strutural Integration includes all kind of conditions like injury repair, postural compensation, force transmission, various forms of fascial, stretch, elasticity, neurology, hydration, and aging.
Structural Integration is a type of bodywork exercise that mainly focuses on the connective tissues of the body. Structural Integration is an individual and personal process with a wide range of effects and benefits on the body. Dr. Drashti Shah has designed an in-depth workshop at her Physio2Fitness Studio for Structural Integration in Vadodara to help the people and the aspiring sportsperson to achieve the maximum benefits of the body.

Certified in Primal Movement Chain
#stopchasingpain With Dr. Perry Nickleston
Primal Movement Chains is all about functional training by going wild, primal and animalistic. There’s a bunch of different names for it like Animal Flow, Primal Flow, Primal Move and Zuu but idea behind it isn’t new, it’s actually been around as long as we have. Various activities like crawling, twisting, ground-based work and many more that primal movement systems promote are a refreshing change from your average gym or machine-based workout.

Ido Portal’s Movement Culture
Movement Culture is an innovative training technique designed by Ido Portal. It represents a contemporary paradigm shift in physicality & body movements. Great Learning with Ido Portal’s Jonathan Fletcher, Dr. Drashti Shah is bringing a completely new & effective way of corset training and treatment for the first time in India.
Attended the Ido Portal Method Workshop in London and had a great time while learning more about Movement Culture with Jonathan fletcher and Odelia Goldschmidt. Movement Culture represents a contemporary paradigm shift in physicality. I believe its a must needed change in the field of fitness & exercise.

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