Dr. Drashti Shah

Dr. Drashti Shah is a Registered Physiotherapist having an extra-ordinary experience from USA, Canada and India.

Primal Movement Chains

If you have undergone number of surgeries and taken lots of treatments and rehabbed enough and still not able to recover the injuries and struggle with the pain then Primal Movement Chains & Structural Integration are your only escape.
The movements of the body follow a well defined patterns & reflexes. Our day-to-day movements depend mostly on our environment & gravity. As we age, we come across several stresses, traumas, blockages & injuries due to the poor nutrition, improper circulation & repetitive stress causing our body to forget the primal/survival techniques. This is where Primal Movement Chains plays a significant role in accessing the cause, finding the connections, compensating & anticipating the future possible injuries and preventing them.
Dr. Drashti Shah offers result-oriented Primal Movement Chains treatment at her Physio2Fitness Studio in Vadodara to help the patients overcome their injuries or physical limitations and achieve the maximum efficiency of the body.
We need well-defined & reliable mobility & stability for each & every joints. The brain locks down the joint when it identifies any threat providing the stability & blocking the force transmission. Hence, this movement is then compensated by another joint or there can be leakage of energy causing pain or injury.

It is an internal cleaning treatment making effective & efficient use of lines of force transmission.

Primal Movement Chains works on RAIL reset system:

R – Release of Tissues
A – Activation of Neurolymphatic Channel
I – Integration of Structure
L – Locomotion

PMC helps in improving the following:

Neural Pathways
Chronic Pain
Nonspecific Pains
Movement Limitations