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Movement Culture is an innovative training technique designed by Ido Portal. It represents a contemporary paradigm shift in physicality & body movements. Dr. Drashti Shah is bringing a completely new & effective way of Corset Training and treatment for the first time in India.
It’s All About Body Movements Beyond The Limits.
Dr. Drashti Shah attended the Ido Portal Method Workshop in London and had a great time while learning more about Movement Culture with the tribe members of Ido Portal, Jonathan fletcher and Odelia Goldschmidt. Movement Culture represents a contemporary paradigm shift in physicality. Dr. Drashti Shah believes that its a must needed change in the field of fitness & exercise.
She is the only physiotherapist in India to offer Ido Protal’s “Corset Technique” training in Vadodara that offers a perfect combination of modern & ancient approach to mobilizing, stabilizing, rehabbing, strengthening of the body for the rigors of the body movement. It is a well-developed technique designed by Ido Portal from his extensive & in-depth research into human movement.
The Corset Technique Training is a collection of different exercises & workouts for every major joint in the body.

Corset Technique Training covers the following areas:
Pelvis and hips
Upper Leg
If you are experiencing any difficulties in enhancing your body movements and are unable to utilize your body at its maximum efficiency, the Corset Technique Training by Ido Portal is the best solution for all your problems. Physio2Fitness is the only physiotherapy clinic in India where you can undertake this well-defined training and enjoy its ever-lasting benefits.

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