Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates adds an additional element of clinical knowledge to all the regular Pilates exercises. Our Clinical Pilates sessions are one-on-one exercise programs dedicated to an individual’s body requirement and goals. We provide an individual assessment to check if recommended Pilates is appropriate for our patient or not. Our physiotherapist will assess their every movement patterns in detail, studying them and then teaching them all the basics they need to know for activating their inner core muscles and go through postural cues to exercise in a safe position.
It is a form of Pilates that focuses on posture, core strengthening of the body, concentration, balance, control, breathing, and the flexibility. It is used in the combination with physical therapies in order to help our clients recover from injuries or post-surgical injuries. It is very effective in relieving or eliminating chronic low back or spinal pain by strengthening and retraining the core of the body and stabilizing the muscles to support the spine and posture in the way that it should.
We Rehab our patients through Clinical Pilates. We use Pilates for Arthroscopy clients, Replacement clients & patents with Neurological deficits & have got amazing results.
Greater Overall Health
When you exercise regularly, your body produces hormones like endorphins, which help put your mind at ease and gives you the feeling of good sensation. Exercises involved in Clinical Pilates allow you to clear your mind and make you more productive. This also gives you more energy and enhances your ability to focus and moreover, it also helps you sleep better at night.

Improves Body’s Stability
By strengthening the muscles & enhancing the over-all endurance of the body, one can easily improve his/her body’s stability, which is essential for keeping the body sound and functioning the way it should be. Clinical Pilates helps our clients to have better foundation of a strong body to move, work, and play with.

Strengthens the Pelvic Floor
Strengthening the pelvic floor is one of the most important aspects of physiotherapy especially during and after the pregnancy for maintaining the strength in the pelvis and preventing any possible injury to it. We help our patients and especially pregnant women to have a better control over their body and strengthening their pelvic floor in order to keep them away from any possible disorders and injuries.

Effective Rehab
All our Pilates equipment are clinically guided, safe and super effective to rehabilitate our patients from their injuries. While working out on our clinical Pilates under the guidance of our experts, our patients undergo an extra-ordinary experience of growth and self-development along with recovering from the injuries. With the right combination of exercise and diet that is needed to strengthen the weak muscle groups in the body, we help our patients to enjoy an independent and hassle-free life without any internal injuries.

Injury Prevention
People without stronger muscular support often have muscular imbalances or poor posture that results in innumerable injuries. Clinical Pilates will help fix the posture, improving the muscular strength and also correcting the imbalances of the body. It also improves the flexibility of the body so that our clients are more resistant to injury.

Posture Correction
Clinical Pilates include exercises that reform a stronger and capable body with the correct and accurate posture. Our body posture is very important aspect of our overall health. It plays a remarkable role in making our body stronger, more balanced, injury resistant and flexible. Clinical Pilates helps our clients to attain the level optimal endurance. It also helps in having a muscle groups that are proper in length and functions properly so that our clients can have good posture.