Dr. Drashti Shah

We do brain based training, where the activities are safe enough for the brain yet challenging enough to improve.

Sports Injury

Sports Injury Rehabilitation at Physio2Fitness helps the athletes to effectively overcome the injuries, treat pain and return to the normal functions. Every sports person should know the importance of early injury recognition and treatment and so we emphasize the same. Along with receiving a course of treatment, specific strengthening, flexibility exercises and functional training will also be implemented depending on the requirement of our patients.
Our therapists provide optimal care that is unsurpassed, customized and unique to each individual patient and sports specific requirements. We treat variety of sports injuries or Gym Injuries out of which some are mentioned

Shoulder Injuries
We have extensive experience managing a range of shoulder injuries like Shoulder Arthroscopies, Rotator Cuff Tears, Frozen Shoulder and Dislocations / Instabilities.

If the force generation is not correct and the bone rhythm is also improper then the athletes’ performance is compromised. Spine is the major cause of most of the joint injuries due to the lack of neural control & neural strength. Our programs begin & end on the spine.

An intensive physiotherapy treatment is given to our patients with the tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow and other such elbow related disorders. Treating the root cause for the elbow injuries during the sports, we provide different physio-exercises & workouts for the same.

Hands & Wrists
This is one of the most underrated conditions and often ignored by the sports person until it causes a severe damage and intense pain. We treat Physiotherapy in Tendinopathy (tendinitis), Carpal tunnel and post trauma or immobilization in the area.

Hip / Groin
If not managed & treated correctly, these hip & groin injuries can become persistent and recurrent. Our sports injury rehabilitation offers an exclusive services and treatments to overcome muscle strains and tears, hip join capsule injuries, bursitis and tendinopathy.

Hip / Hamstring
This is one of those complex areas that require a full assessment to get to the root of the problem and overcome from it. We have physiotherapies that are specifically designed to treat such complex injuries. We examine and treat all the aspects of these conditions, including core / pelvic stability.

We offer physical therapies to treat all sorts of disorders from ankle sprains to instability, post fracture and immobilization rehabilitation. Our physiotherapist focuses not only on treating the conditions but also in increasing the strength & endurance level of our patients that can result in a rise in their over-all performance.

Sport Specific Injuries
We strive to offer dedicated & tailored therapies to all our clients on an individual level depending on the sports like Golf, Racquet Sports, Soccer, Formula Motor Sports, Basket Ball, Cricket, Marathoners, Sprinters (National & International), Gymnastic Injuries, etc.

Dr. Drashti Shah treats the sports injury with any of the following treatments or their combinations depending on the assessment:
Cyriax & Maitland
Mulligan Technique
MET – Muscle Energy Technique
MFR – Myofascial Release
Trigger Point
Structural Integration
Primal Movement Chains
People these days have an access to all kind of information and DIY techniques available on web for treating the pain & stiffness in the joints on their own. However, practicing such methods without proper guidance can significantly expose you to the greater risk of injuries. Hence, it is very important to get a well-structured physiotherapy from an experienced and reliable physiotherapist. Dr. Drashti Shah offers a well organized & result oriented physiotherapy treatment in India.