We at Physio2Fitness believe that the skeletal system of the human body is not only a framework for us to stand on or move, but if this framework is disrupted then the whole bodily functions are disrupted including our mind. Not only the skeletal system gives shape to our body, it also helps us to move and control our body, which maintains our overall health including our joint, muscles, and also the prevention of the lifestyle disease.
If we do not take care of the health and the well being of bones then our muscles, joints, mind and metabolism is going to suffer. We strive our best to include prevention of mineral deficiency in our diets and take care of our patients and clients to prevent bone loss. We also include weight training and balance training exercises in our geriatric cases too.

Osteoporosis Treatment

We have graded and result-oriented physiotherapies for the Osteoporosis treatments. We are known to offer the best physiotherapy services Vadodara. Our physiotherapies help our clients and patients to strengthen their bones as well as their muscles. It can also prevent bone thinning, reduces falls and helps them manage any level of pain with ease.

Bone is a living tissue and can be improved through some types of exercise. Initially, it is advisable to practice these exercise under professional guidance. Our physiotherapist work with our patients to find the best-suited and appropriate activities needed for the strengthening of the bones, muscles and tissues.

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