Geriatric Rehab

We offer a unique & dedicated program to the aging population. As a person age, the incidence of falls increases and these falls can have serious implications on his/her health, mobility, independence and overall life. Studies shows that 1 out of every 3 people over the age of 60 often fall more than once which results in a severe injuries and in some rare cases it has even result in death. Poor balance, altered gait patterns and previous joint replacements are few of the basic factors that can lead to the falls.This is where Physical Therapies can do miracles. Our physiotherapy plays an important role in preventing injury and helping our clients in maintaining their independence.
Our program is designed to help prevent falls and ensure that the likelihood of injury due to a fall is minimized. We, at P2F, first determine the specific needs of each individual patient and depending on their needs and requirements, a specific program is designed to retrain balance and improve mobility, general conditioning and function. Often treatment and instruction will be provided in small groups if there are patients with similar needs and abilities. In special cases, we provide one-on-one facility as well. The physiotherapist is always present and works one on one with each patient even in the group setting to ensure they are safe and progressing.
We use Specific Research based outcome measures to assess & reflexes , Joints, muscle of Geriatric clients.

Geriatric Rehab Treatments

Recent fall or history of falls, Deficits in strength or range of motion, Loss of mobility or ambulation requiring an assistive device, Musculoskeletal pain, Orthotic and prosthetic needs, Neurological disorders, Balance or coordination deficits, Decreased endurance for ADLs, etc.

Physical Activity
It is a key to functional performance and perhaps represents the most reliable & effective effort to prevent deconditioning and thereby combat disability in old age. As per our clients’ condition, we prescribe the most appropriate physical activities for them.

Physical Therapy
Physical therapy for seniors has a variety of benefits, which can include not only gaining strength, balance and overall control of the body, but also providing a renewed sense of confidence. We offer physical therapies that can give seniors back their independence and make day-to-day tasks easier.

Balance and Fall Prevention program
We follow specific tools to measure balance and falls risk of our clients and then try to eliminate the issue. Our dedicated physiotherapist in the studio runs these programs and utmost care is taken while working with such patients. A referral is not required, however, if there are any special concerns regarding the balance problem, poor conditioning or reduced mobility then it should first be cleared with a medical doctor.

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