Sports Training: All you need is Right Guidance from Right Mentor

The Formula LGB 4 is the initial step to the single-seater racing and remains the most economical single seater racing available anywhere across the world with only minimum investment. Mira Erda is one top ranking player in this segment.

 Mira Erda is the Youngest Formula 4 Racer of India

 She is the only youngest girl in Motor sports (F4 racing) who made a good privilege towards India at an international level.

 She received for the best improved driver of the year 2011.

 Mira Erda, had just recorded her best ever performance in Formula 4 racing. Understandably, the 15 year old teen sensation, one of those very few Indian girls who are making their presence felt in the male dominated field of motor sports.

 Mira Erda, the only girl from Gujarat and also the youngest girl in India to be competing at this level.

 Mira use to take fitness training under Dr. Drashti Shah

 Dr. Drashti Shah used to perform cardio-vascular training ahead of the season and then taper their exercise use to maintain their fitness levels throughout the year. Popular training methods are includes that are: running, swimming and cycling.

 She used to perform exercise for neck muscles, the most heavily targeted area, It is very much focused about her health.