Sports Specific Training

At Physio2Fitness, all our Sports Specific Training Programs are designed to provide young athletes a solid foundation of athletic development at their most critical point of physical and mental growth. In any given sports, strength and conditioning must be a non-negotiable element for any sports person and this is what we believe and follow while training our enthusiastic sports persons.
Physio2Fitness will challenge and motivate athletes to develop their foundation of strength, multi-directional agility, speed, acceleration/deceleration, core rotary power, quickness, dynamic balance, anaerobic and aerobic energy systems, and recovery to maximize in-game performance and most importantly, reduce the risk of injury.
We, at Physio2Fitness, are committed to take young athletes to their next level.

Sports Training – Level 1
It includes the movements like squats, front squats, overhead squats, deadlifts, etc. It is done to develop general muscle strength. This is the first and very basic level crafted for the beginners who aspire to grow and rise in sports. Whatever the sports it may be, it focuses on increasing the inner strength and endurance level of the athlete resulting in an upgraded over-all performance.

Sports Training – Level 2
This level of special strength exercise is designed to convert general strength to power, but is still strength-oriented program. Explosive lifts, thorough workout training and movements fit into this category of strength exercises. It includes Olympic lifts; jump squats, various kettle-bell swings, etc.

Sports Training – Level 3
It’s all about power. It is designed to power improvements in a way that is very specific to the required technique of the sports person or an athlete. It includes unloaded and lightly loaded plyometric exercises, sprint drills, military drills and crosssfit. This is an extensive level of exercise designed to unleash the inner strength and converting it into power.

We have treated the patients of renowned doctors, such as

Dr. Sanjay Gowde
Dr. Sanjay Desai
Dr. Manoj Mehta
Dr. Dinshaw Pardiwala
Dr. Babhulkas
Dr. Bijender Singh