Force Transmission and Structural Integration

Force Transmission Training designed by Physio2Fitness is based on the fact that every body is not the same and no two bodies require the same training and nutrients to grow. Rather than to treat any particular symptom, Force. Transmission and Structural Integration aims to improve biomechanical functioning as a whole by progressively enhancing the postures and movements of the body. The structural imbalances in the body exert an excessive pressure on the network of muscles, fascia, tendons and ligaments. Hence, It is very important to focus on the structural aspect of the human body.
Structural Integration is a technique of of deep and directed pressure in combination with the different movements of the body in order to release the fascial restrictions. This way, the body can easily integrate to the changes at a deep level and regain the state of balance for the body.
Structure of the body and its function are inseparable. The body functions more effectively when its structure is balanced and has rested well. Force Transmission and Structural Integration Process both plays an important role in achieving an athlete body and maintaining it for a longer period of time.

Structural integration is a technique where the treatment enters into the body’s process and changes its course for good. Unless an accident/trauma occurs, the body continuous to grow along its new pathway and keeps healing to regain back the balance. The effects of Sl are not only permanent they also progressive.
Fascia is a web connecting the whole body. e.g big toe muscle (used for push off in walking). Any disruption along this line can affect the other.
Fascia is the missing element in the movement/stability equation. Understanding the nature and properties of fascia brings the best of human experience and is key to lasting and substantive therapeutic change. Fascia unifies the whole the body from top to bottom, inside to outside and from birth to death. Change at a structural level can have a positive effect on the human body. This effects metabolically, emotionally, psychologically and often spiritually on the lifestyle. Structural Integration can create a myriad of beneficial changes in a person’s health.

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