Physio Therapy

Physiotherapy is all about the healing method that majorly focuses on the mobility of the human body. We help our patients regain the mobility they desire within the limits of their body yet as far as possible. With the detailed and well-customized physiotherapies for our patients, they can easily overcome the disorders like back pain, knee pain, neck pain and ligament issues, Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson’s disease, Paralysis and more.
We use exercise therapy in order to strengthen the muscles of patients and ensure that they function properly and to their optimal level. All our physiotherapy exercises & workouts have been medically proven to be one of the most effective ways to prevent injuries and reduce pain. Our physiotherapies also help our patients to restore a balanced emotional-mental state, which is crucial for holistic treatment and for a independent living.

Physiotherapy Exercises
We help our patients and clients by training them through the series of exercise therapies to strengthen their muscles and improve their function. Our experts provide the ‘best’ & the ‘appropriate’ exercises to our clients as per their need and requirements. Depending on our patients’ rehabilitation status, we incorporate essential components of pilates, yoga and exercise physiology.

Biomechanical Analysis
We aim to offer the best treatments to our patients and to do so, we incorporate the latest and the up-to-date technologies and professional skills. Biomechanical assessment, thorough observation and diagnostic skills forms the paramount of our treatment. We study, detect and ultimately avoid any musculoskeletal and sports injuries while treating our patients

Sports Physiotherapy
Most of the musculoskeletal injuries are basically the result of Sports and improper health practices. Sports Physiotherapies require an extra level of knowledge and professional skills to assist any injury recovery, prevent any possible injury and enhance the overall performance of the sportsperson.

Workplace Physiotherapy
Not only sports or other such physical activities but also we are trained and focused to assist you at the work as well. Ergonomics looks and best postures for workstation are crucial and really important for your body. We help our clients practice many day-to-day activates to enhance their body strength and endurance level.We have done on & off site corporate trainings, training the teachers & EME military staffs.